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Kimberly was born in South Florida and raised in the Florida Keys, just south of Key Largo on an island named Islamorada…. Might have been where they found the name for the famous *Bask son named Islamorada. Loving horses, she worked with people who owned a few on the small island and when she was old enough, purchased her first horse, an Arabian. Since owning that first Arabian horse, she knew that the Arabian horse would always be a part of her life, they are just that impressive, not just the most beautiful.

She was also raised on the black stallion movie… dreaming of riding one on some of the “man made” beaches on the coral rock island where she grew up. Nick was also raised on an island doing some of the same type of fishing that Kim did growing up. He was born in New Jersey, but raised on Freeport’s Grand Bahama Island, where not only the island was bigger, but so were the fish, so it seemed. It was no surprise to Kim that he ended up in the Florida Keys after college at Jacksonville University, but what did surprise Kim, was that he married her and took her and her horses to Ocala. What a dream guy come true for any girl… to have a man sweep her off her feet and give her a dream come true of having a family and being able to have her horses in her back yard!

They arrived in Ocala three months after being married in the Bahamas in 1996 with two Rohara Samurai get, one German Shephard dog and two cats in tow. Nick and Kim now have two beautiful healthy little girls, Alexis and Kaitlin, to share their love of nature and animals with. Alexis, born in 2001 and Kaitlin, born in 2003, have shown a real appreciation for all types of animals, especially the horses.

Nick is a successful banker and the two started a Trek bicycle shop in the Ocala area that has wonderful mountain bike trails. They owned it for five years and have since sold it, which is still thriving today. Kim is a stay at home mom with her business of the horses and takes care of feeding and caring for all the horses on the property herself.


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